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It is considered decontracting, relaxing, toning, draining and is useful in the prevention of fat and cellulite.

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Swedish Massage 


Origins of Swedish massage



The Swedish massage is a classic western massage, in Europe it is the standard traditional massage, so called especially in English-speaking countries, Dutch-speaking countries, and in Hungary.


Elsewhere (including Sweden) it is usually identified as a classic massage. The name of Swedish massage is due to the Swedish physician and physiotherapist Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839) who is credited with the first systematization of massage techniques within a method, defining indications, contraindications, nomenclature, manual skills and deontological rules. In 1813 in Stockholm he founded the Ling Institute of Modern Gymnastics. Starting from Ling's methods, which were popularized in Europe by his students, the German orthopedist Albert Hoffa and the Dutch doctor Johan Georg Mezger developed the classical massage and manipulation techniques still used today.


Generally the Swedish massage is performed on the whole body, but having fairly free maneuvers between them and non-rigid sequences, it can also be performed only on single parts. Swedish massage is considered to be decontracting, relaxing, invigorating and draining.


It also acts on the blood and lymphatic circulation and is useful in the prevention of fat and cellulite. It is performed with massage oil and generally on a bed.


The technique


The main movements of the Swedish massage are: Touch:

Light and relaxing maneuver.


Leaning Touch (also called Deep Rubbing): Deeper maneuver to drain blood, muscle fluids and lymph.


It is also used to drain liquids and substances "crushed" and "stirred" with friction and kneading. Friction: Maneuver for squeezing abnormal tissues (localized fat, cellulite).


Superficial kneading: Dynamic maneuver of oblique squeezing of abnormal tissues (localized fat, cellulite).


Deep kneading: Dynamic maneuver of twisting and squeezing the muscle. Percussion: Small percussion maneuvers to stimulate and tone skin and muscles.

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